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Behind the Formula

Intra workout supplementation and nutrition is extremely vital for proper recovery and repair of muscle tissue.  Our goal with IntraHD was to focus on key markers in the body and go beyond standard muscle recovery and protein synthesis and to focus on muscle hydration, oxygen utilization, immunity and adaptogenic properties within the body to truly target recovery and repair from all angles.  

Essential Amino Acids (as Amino9®) – A specifically dosed Leucine enriched blend of all nine essential amino acids, Amino9® has been clinically shown to increase muscle protein synthesis and limit muscle breakdown.  Essential Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle and cannot be created by our bodies internally; therefore they must be consumed through diet and supplements like Intra-HD. Amino9® have also been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis as much as whey protein and have smaller insulin spike than whey protein.

Taurine – A non-essential amino acid, Taurine offers a plethora of benefits to the body and is included in Intra-HD for its hydrating and endurance properties.

PeakO2® – PeakO2® is a combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms clinically shown to help users more adequately adapt to and handle physical and mental stress as well as increase strength, power and endurance.  By increasing oxygen utilization in the body while decreasing lactate in muscles, PeakO2® delivers a powerful one-two punch in aiding in athletic performance and results safely and effectively.

Coconut Water Powder Extract – Considered one of nature’s super foods, coconut water is rich in electrolytes and nutrients that can aid in hydration and recovery.

Spectra™ – A 100% plant based ingredient consisting of a precise dose of key fruits and vegetable extracts clinically shown to support efficient oxygen utilization and antioxidant activity in the body while inhibiting free radical production.

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