HD Muscle is more than a supplement company; we are a team of like-minded individuals who have come together to create a truly superior product line with zero compromises, that we as a team can proudly stand behind.


In order to create the world’s most premium supplement brand that is synonymous with today’s top level bodybuilders, athletes and rising stars - we had to step outside the normal parameters and practices of the industry today and carve our own path. No limitations were placed on research or innovation when creating our product line. We brought in the most talented formulators and experts in the industry who shared in our core values, beliefs and vision, to create a line of products that we believe can truly help you to push yourself past your limits and achieve your true potential!

Countless hours were invested into researching ingredients, developing formulations and product prototypes and actively testing them on ourselves and our clients. We continuously made changes and tweaks until we perfected our formulas in our eyes and arrived at the products you see before you today. Each product is tried, tested and proven to work to our standards and deliver the results we as a team look for each and every day.


Together, myself Dorian Hamilton and my brother Noah Hamilton founded HD Muscle. We’ve always been in the fitness industry and prior to launching HD Muscle we owned a supplement store. We spent years studying and researching supplements, the ingredients and athlete’s needs. For us creating HD Muscle was all about creating the BEST products that we wanted to use and that I wanted our clients to use.

Our brand slogan ‘Integrity is Everything’ is important to us because we stand behind the formulations and the quality of our products. To us, HD Muscle was never about profits or margins, it was about formulating industry leading supplements with clinical doses, top of the line ingredients and formulations that make a difference. Every ingredient in our products has a purpose and we spare no expense to bring you the absolute best.

Thank you for choosing HD Muscle – whenever you use HD Muscle you can trust. that you are using the best supplements ever created!

— Dorian Hamilton + Noah Hamilton

Partnerships make great products.

From the beginning, HD Muscle set out to create the best products on the market. To do so, they needed to consult with experts with various fields of expertise. From these consults, a partnership was formed with Dr. Adeel Khan, appointing him the Research Director for HD Muscle. Dr. Khan always had the dream of making high quality supplements because he understands the benefits supplements can have on someone’s health.

With Dr. Khan’s medical knowledge and input, HD Muscle was able to create the supplements that were missing in the market. These science-based formulas have been 3rd party tested ensure that the consumer is getting exactly what they need, at the most effective doses to truly benefit them.


Dorian Hamilton


Noah Hamilton


Rachel Davis Hamilton
Director of Sales

Mariah Hamilton
Creative + Social Director

Alora Griffiths

Youtube + Video Editor

Napinder Singh

Executive Assistant + Logistics Director

Kathleen Hughson

Director of Operations

Emerson Brahimir

Warehouse Manager


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